How to fly

What does it mean to be human. How do we know each other and more importantly how do we know ourselves. What we are capable of? Our paths?

After reading this book many years ago I started to formulate that we don’t. We never know.

We just live. Guess. Push. Believe and have faith that what we are doing will serve our soul.

Forget what others believe. Follow what your soul says.

The book was published in 2003. I read it in 2005 and have followed Graeme Obree in the news and media. From what I know the guy has been through a lot. He has been praised, honored, broken, vilified and everything in between.

He’s a pretty unique character in the world of cycling and in many ways has been one of my cycling inspirations. He’s stuck to his troubled soul despite the naysayers.

In 2018 through science and tech the champion, genius, innovator, hero was quantified:

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