Horses & Sub Zero Are The Same

Wow…Clydesdale’s are beautiful. Like REALLY damn beautiful. Majestic even! Mortal Kombat is possibly one of the worst movies franchise of all time. I’m going to rant and basically further unrelated the two.

As I may or may have not have mentioned I worked in a bike shop during my formative years (not really because I’m still forming). I learned a lot there. The bike industry and culture has many unique and oddly appropriated terms. Take for example…”Clydesdale”. Many a Saturday afternoon I’d be turning a wrench while overhearing dudes utter phrases like “…is there a Clydesdale class?” Now hearing this for the first few times I was like -“WTH? Horses?” Which probably wouldn’t have surprised me because… well… the folks who were able to spend thousands on bikes could have (and possibly were) spent those same thousands on horses. Of course I not so quickly learned that the term “Clydesdale” in the cycling world means a road cyclist who weighs in at 200lbs or more. Haven’t heard the term in years #because2018 I guess.

As of a few days ago I am a Clydesdale.

Now what does that even mean? Why does it really matter? Well, nothing and it doesn’t in the grand scheme of things.

The technical ramifications mean a lower power to weight ratio. I’m slow on the bike. I don’t want to be slow on the bike.

In looking back though there was a time when my goal was actually to reach 200lbs/ 8% body fat. It was wayyyy back. I mean back in the day. There is a scene in the original Mortal Kombat movie with some random goon, minion, flunky dude:

I remember thinking “I want to be cut like THAT dude and weigh in at a solid 200.” Granted the guy got literally destroyed by Sub Zero and I was only 17… but I was serious. I wanted to pack on muscle. So I started body weight exercise. No free weights or machines and I for damn sure didn’t have a gym membership. Eventually I got there. This was also during the brief time I was modeling (If one can call it that). Take it from me, if you ever want to develop some strange concepts of body image and self-worth… try modeling for a few years as a teen. Moving on, a lil after that I was riding more BMX street. Then downhill/dual slalom. Weight was not a thought. I did not own, see, touch or remember a scale of any kind being in my life.

Then I start road cycling and power to weight mattered. Not at first. At first I just rode the damn bike like you are supposed to. I was getting fitter, sure and I typically hung out at about 178lbs. But that was then this is now(ish).

In 2017 I decided it’d be a great idea to only drink water for a year. On one hand it was great I went from 215 down to 190 in about 6mos. On the other hand – chocolate milk is delicious and I missed chocolate milk. A lot.

Long story short I made it about 340 days but I learned a great deal about myself and my body. While I don’t have the same body image issues I had at 20, for me, it’s not possible to be completely devoid of them while they I’m in this physical form. I know that emotionally loosing/maintaining weight center around how I feel and how I perform. Not as much how I look. Back in the day the confidence in who I was and the relationship I had with myself wasn’t as solid. Now? Now I’m a beautiful Clydesdale thick, juicy and slow. I’m working more, riding less and at 200lbs, keeping the weight down is a bit of a challenge as of late.

DID SOMEONE SAY CHALLENGE?????? I do enjoy a challenge so challenge it is.

So, It’s November 11th. I have until 12/31/18 11:59:59 to weigh in at 185lbs.

It’s that simple.

Why am I doing this?

  1. To ride more efficiently.
  2. Because looking back on it – that movie really is horrible and I need to disassociate from it.
  3. Because having goals, specific targets, keeps me motivated and accountable.

I’m Out!✌🏾

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