The Universal Solvent?

As a kid I remember hearing this uttered for the first time probably around 4th or 5th grade. I’ve always had a fondness for science. Not a love mind you but more than a like. Maybe a “mild appreciation”? I enjoy how wrong science is willing to be (sometimes). There are these rule. These foundational understandings that whole societies are built upon. Then, some years later, a person (or persons) come through with a revolutionary thought totally negating hundreds of years, and millions of individual perceptions and understandings. There’s something so humbling about that. It is SOOOOOOO serious yet knows that it can be swayed, discounted, debunked or dismissed.

Why wouldn’t water be at the top of the food chain? It can seep into anything, transform anything, dissolve just about anything. All living organisms need it. Life as we know it is nothing without it. Though my feeling lately, it’s not water that is the “universal” solvent.

It is time.

Where there is no water there is time. No light… still time. Where there is pain there is time. Where there is ignorance, doubt, healing, desire- time. Time is a universal and most valuable currency.

Time affects and changes all.

It is indeed working against us yet on our side. Both at the same…

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