Prince of Pop

He made me cry. He’s 4.

These are two songs that I’m familiar with only because I’m human. In 2018 they are arguably still two of the most popular songs being played. Everywhere. Though they are both many years old at this point.

Ellis loves both of these songs. I know they have dance parties at his PreK and that’s clearly where he hears them enough to memorize them. He can’t help sing and dance and then gets embarrassed when I see him singing and dancing. It’s funny.

For some reason today it hit me. Hard.

Shake it Off and Happy. Simple pop melodies. Yet some of the key challenges we all face. That HE will face throughout his life. There’s so much ahead of him.

All of the tribulations the hurt. The poor decisions. The anguish. Misunderstandings. All of the things we do to try to be happy. The things we can’t seem to shake off.

This lil boy has it figured out. Not really. But the message resonates in him. Today, as I sat and ate a slice of pizza it passed through him on to me… bringing me to tears. You know the kind that just trickle down and all you can do is breathe?

My sons teach me things I didn’t know I needed to know. They produce a feeling in me that I can never shake off. A feeling beyond being happy.

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