Case of the S’pose’das

According to me, myself AND that dude I, I ( or we…or me) am supposed to be posting every Sunday.


I’m also “s’pose’da” watch the news, follow football and drink beer. – 😮

That’s right. I don’t watch the news.

I’ve not watched the news for many years now. I forget how many. Why?

It’s simple. It didn’t make me feel good. It’s pretty negative and the “feel good” stories are typically weak, patronizing and late to the party.

I do my best to focus on positive things and forward progress. Conscious decisions and communications on being a better human.

Now, all this said, I do occasionally get notifications on my from from Apple/CNN.

Let’s take a look at some that I saved to remind me not to read (no, the irony… contradiction and hypocrisy is not lost on yours truly) :

While some may look at this as simple information and aren’t affected, not I. This stuff affects me. There are real people behind these blurbs. Maybe I’m jaded. Having worked in broadcast media I understand spin and ratings and targets. Stuff like that is hard to forget.

So for me. No direct broadcast media. Sure I can’t be completely devoid of it but I make choices about what I invest.

I’ll learn all I need when I go grocery shopping:

I kid I kid… let’s keep it positive. Here…have a snack:


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